Central SMT

Timetables : Styles over time

This page shows some of the very different styles of timetable format used at various stages in the company's history. Many thanks to Fr Alex Strachan for providing much of this material.

1950 Front

A traditional half-cab single-decker seems to cut a swathe through the coutryside in this view of the 1950 front cover.

1950 Back

An advert for Arbuckle Smith filled the 1950 back cover. Note the (Glasgow) CENtral phone number!

1960 Front

By 1960, the plain red front cover had come into use.

1960 Back

The 1960 back cover featured an advert for Scotland's Magazine. Again, note the (Edinburgh) FOUntainbridge telephone number.


The 1961 back cover featured this incredibly quaint advert for days out by bus.


By 1965, the size and shape had changed, but red still predominated. Although a Y-type is featured, it certainly doesn't look like a Central one.


Tem years later, a lighter effect is achieved by lessening the red area, while the Y-type is recognisably a Central vehicle.


By 1979, the style had changed again, with local area booklets. In this Dunbartonshire example, notice Dumbarton Rock behind the (seemingly inevitable) Y-type.

ScotMAP Pack (Front)

The revised local networks designed as a result of the ScotMAP exercise were presented as a collection of loose timetable leaflets, held together in a cardboard wallet. This is the front view of an example from Clydebank.

ScotMAP Pack (Back)

... and this is the back.

ScotMAP Leaflet (Front)

This shows a typical ScotMAP timetable leaflet. The customary Y-type has now been replaced by a podless - and therefore non-Central - Leyland National.

ScotMAP Leaflet (Back)

... and this is the reverse side, with the timetable itself.

1986 Front

By 1986, Central (by now Central Scottish) was celebrating its 60th anniversary. Local area booklets were back in favour, exemplified by this Monklands example. We now see a pleasing all-Leyland array of Olympian, National and Tiger.

1986 Back

The rear cover contained a stylised summary map of the relevant area.

1988 Leaflet (Front)

By 1988, it was back to leaflets again - but the Hop-On character is still there. Note the re-use of the 242 route number, traditionally associated with the Glasgow - Peebles service.


Finally, an example of a Kelvin Central area booklet, from its 'KCB Network' days in 1994.