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Special Features

This section of the site is the home for everything that doesn't readily fit into the main structure. It is itself sub-divided into four areas, which you can explore by using the black menu bar above.

Here's a brief summary of the contents :-

Focus on ... - A series of special-interest articles putting the spotlight on some aspect of Central SMT, ranging from the mainstream to the arcane!

Your Memories - Personal memories of the company sent in by you, the visitors to this site

Photo Features - A series of themed collections of photographs

Central in Print - A guide to Central SMT references in books and other publications

If you feel suitably inspired, you can submit a piece for possible inclusion in this part of the site, by sending it to the following e-mail address :-

submissions<AT>centralsmt.co.uk  (NB: address needs to be edited!)

IMPORTANT : By sending anything to this e-mail address, you agree to the following :-

  1. Anything that you send to the above e-mail address is intended to be considered for publication. I do not have to check back with you first.

  2. Written articles submitted must be your own authentic work and you have to supply your real name. You must not infringe any other party's copyright.

  3. Submissions must be relevant and must not contain anything that is offensive, defamatory, discriminatory,  libellous, etc. You are solely responsible for any views you may express.

  4. I have full editorial control over this website. This means that I can decide what to include and what not to include, without necessarily having to state or justify my reasons. It also means that I can make any modifications to your article that I think are appropriate (e.g. tidying up spelling, grammar, etc or shortening anything that is unreasonably long-winded!)

  5. I can give no guarantees about the timescale for publishing your article.

So, if you are able to agree to that lot, get writing and good luck!