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In creating this website, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the many people who have contributed photographs, written articles, information, artefacts and technical advice. Without their contributions, this project would either not have happened at all, or the result would have been infinitely poorer. Thank you, one and all.


Should you wish to provide any feedback on this website, please send your comments to

mail<AT>centralsmt.co.uk  (NB : address needs to be edited!)

I am always happy to hear from visitors to the website. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, however, please note that my only connection with the company was as a fare-paying passenger.


The design and content of this website are protected by copyright laws. All rights under copyright law are asserted on every page of this site - please do not infringe these rights (for example, by making any unauthorised copies of material contained in this site).

Please note that in the case of a written article, the copyright holder is the original writer, and in the case of a photograph, the copyright holder is the original photographer. All written material appears with the permission of the writer; the same applies to photographs where the photographer's identity is known. The site also includes a number of photographs where it has not proved possible to trace the original photographer. If you recognise an uncredited photograph as being your work, please get in touch using the address given above.

I have included in this website several images taken from Central SMT timetables published in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. I have felt able to do so on the basis that the company is now defunct and no present-day commercial interest could conceivably be prejudiced by this action.

A J Douglas Photos

CentralSMT.co.uk is pleased to recommend :-

Alistair J Douglas


Large collection of photographs from the UK and overseas,

including of course Central SMT.

Prints supplied to order (50p each + postage)

Black & white processing service also available


A J Douglas

Telephone : 01357 521202

56 Townhead Street
ML10 6DH

Wherever you see a photo on this website credited to A J Douglas, you can order it using the details above. Just give the best description possible, preferably quoting any reference number that I have displayed beside the photo. Please do mention CentralSMT.co.uk when placing your order.


While considerable care has been taken in the preparation of this website, your webmaster is not infallible! Errors can and do creep in. You are entirely responsible for your own use of this website and I will not be held liable for any decision or action you take based on information contained in this website.