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After a bit of a break, it's back! The site has had a thorough overhaul under the bonnet and it also sports a clean new look. The intention remains as ever : to create a tribute to the former bus operator that was Scotland's most profitable, yet in many ways one of its least prestigious. And, of course, to provide a nostalgia trip for those of us who grew up with it!

To find out more, use the main menu bar immediately under the heading to enter the principal sections of the site. Depending on the section, a subsidiary menu bar may then appear below this. Finally, as you dig even deeper, watch out for other options in the side bar to the right of the screen. Enjoy your visit!

Here's a quick summary of the various sections :-

Introduction - A brief introduction to the company that was Central SMT and why its memory lives on.

The Central Story - Origins and early days of the company, a closer look at the 1960s and early 70s, the first signs of decline, the re-shaping of Central in 1985, how the company met its end and what happened next.

Route Network - Overview of Central territory, the key corridors into Glasgow, classic Central destinations, the company's timetables, and invaders into the Central heartland.

The Fleet - The buses themselves (double-deckers, single-deckers, minis and coaches), fleetlists, liveries, 1985 imports, Central buses in service elsewhere and those that live on!

Depots & Stations - Locations and layouts, departure logs and more.

Tickets - A look at the ticketing systems used by the company throughout its history and at some of the fares charged.

Special Features - Focus on a variety of topics that don't readily fit into the main sections of the site, some extra photo features, a guide to the company's appearances in print, plus memories of Central SMT sent in by you, the visitors to the site.

About this site - Acknowledgement of all the help given with this site, miscellaneous small print and how to get in touch, should you wish to.

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