Central SMT


The story of Central's ticket systems through the years is a fascinating one. This may not be an obvious statement to many people - even enthusiasts! - but hopefully these pages will convince you.

With plenty of suitable material readily available, I have departed from the usual approach of concentrating on the years 1960 - 1985 and have started right at the beginning, in the 1930s.

Although there have been several contributors to this section (including myself!), I must record my particular debt of gratitude to the late George Dawson for being prepared to share parts of his own superb collection in this way. He provided the bulk of the material in this section of the site, including virtually all of the tickets (and explanations) relating to the 1930s - 1950s.

As with previous sections of the site, use the black menu bar above to begin your exploration. Note, however, that throughout this section, clicking on a ticket image will normally show you the reverse side of the ticket.