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Timetables : Adverts & Notices

Adverts, announcements, etc taken from old timetables can offer a fascinating insight into life in a different age. If you don't believe me, have a look at these extracts!


Front cover

Not bad value at four (old) pence!

Back cover ad

... for Scotland's magazine. Check out that Edinburgh phone number!

Private Hire

... for football matches

Private Hire

... for a night out at the theatre

Private Hire

... for all kinds of sporting events

Private Hire

... for the theatre again!

Conduct of Passengers Regulations (1)Conduct of Passengers Regulations (2)

Plus how to queue nicely

List of Depots

The short phone numbers are amazing!


Front Cover

Still good value at 3p!

List of Offices

First internal page

Carefree Parties

Wot, no seats???

Carefree by CoachHistoric HousesLondon

Nice fares!

Theatre (1)Theatre (2)

Well, they look like they've just come off the 63 - NOT!

Theatre (3)


Exact fare please

A few years later, Central would promote itself as 'the buses that give you change'. And isn't that a Western bus?

Help us

... to help you

Know your ticket

Guide to Setright tickets

Er ...

Slip-up! Know your Western ticket!

Three wise monkeys

Some things, sadly, never change.


Send your parcels by bus



Front cover

East Kilbride

Front cover

New tickets

Timtronic ticket guide

Bring us your problems

Don't know where the podless National came from!