Central SMT

Robert Stenlake Photos

These photos were sent to me by Robert Stenlake in May 2005. As a boy, Robert lived in Uddingston, travelling on the buses in the late 1950s and 1960s. In 1960, at the age of 12, he bought a camera and, while he concentrated initially on the Glasgow trams, during 1961/2 he turned his attention to Central SMT and Laurie (Chieftain) buses. I think you'll agree that these are excellent photographs by any standards, but especially so in view of the photographer's age at the time! Robert has lived in the South of England since 1973.

This shot of Chieftain 66 is full of period detail that helps capture the spirit of the times. The bus would later become Central SMT's HL197.

Now Central SMT's HL191, Leyland Titan JXN333 is still in Chieftain colours.HL209

XVA444, destined to become Central's HR1, passes close to the Chieftain depot.

This rear view of L629, in dull conditions, is at Parkhead Cross in the east end of Glasgow.

WVD340 (C15)was only about a year old at the time of its acquisition from Laurie. Neighbouring C11 is a remarkably similar native Central coach.

 Traction House line-up - impressive!  The height difference is obvious as two ex-Chieftain highbridge Titans sit next to a native Central lowbridge Titan at Motherwell Depot.  Another view of WVD340 (C15) at Motherwell, still in Chieftain colours. 
 Robert travelled regularly on T146 between Glasgow and Uddingston, on the Limited Stop 51. It is seen here in a row of 'retired' buses.  Chieftain 42